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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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day. foster mom shelly nicole said she went to the top of department of family and child services to raise red flags about this toddler's safety. now the little girl's death is under investigation. >> she just always was hugging and kissing and smiling and giggling. >> shelley nicole describing her foster daughter kelli winn. she came to live with her last june. she had a rare health condition and needed special medical care. >> she was a ray of sunshine. >> as a foster parent for 15 years, nicole takes care of medically fragile children until they're reunited with their families or adopted. she says in this case, the system failed kelly when it placed her back with her father in a transitional home in san jose for people recently released from jail. >> we were gravely concerned that you would take a nonverbal little girl to a men's halfway house. i was told they don't have the right to say that, but i have to trust the social worker and her
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decision making in that if she deems this to be a safe place for kiki to be then i have to trust that. >> two months after she was moved to the men's halfway home, police received a call at 1:00 in the morning that the girl was not breathing. >> they found her in the halfway house in her crib. she had passed away. everything we tried to warn you. >> nicole said she alerted laurie medina the director of department of family and child services via e-mails fiend caan calls to warn her she should not have been taken away from her care. >> no response. now we've learned director medina has been offered a similar position in monterey county. she told us she applied for the job months ago and looks forward to serving the community where she lives. in a statement her current department said we grooeft passing of a child at such a young age.
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confidentialality laws prevent us from commenting about a specific child or case. this is not the first time a caregiver has questioned the placement decisions made by social workers in santa clara county. the investigative unit first uncovered the story of a little girl who was badly abused by her foster family until she nearly died, despite multiple reports from her mother. other foster parents and her preschool teacher about the girl's injuries. >> i do still to this daycare for the father. and i hurt for him. >> shelley nicole said she's sharing her story now to spotlight the need for reform at this agency. adamant that the county violated its own rules by removing kelly from her care in the first place. >> we are supposed to be given a seven-day written notice before any child is to be removed from our home. we are supposed to be given a chance to have a meeting and discuss the removal of this child. >> did any of that happen? >> absolutely not. >> shelly nicole was so upset by what happened she has turned in her license to the county.
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she says she can no longer serve as a foster parent until changes are made. meanwhile, the coroner has not released the cause of death. at this point police are not conducting a criminal investigation. we will continue to follow this story. raj and peggy? >> vicky, thank you. that is a sad story. if you have a tip regarding this story or any other story for our investigative unit call us at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the unit at a picture now from our nbc bay area chopper of the bart station at concord. the route between two stations, pittsburgh bay stop and concord martinez route are shut down. bart is now bussing passengers between the two. but problems there are triggering delays. nbc bay area's chuck coppola is in concord tonight. chuck we've learned the delays are up to about ten minutes now. >> reporter: and the situation here is getting a little more
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jest congested. the bart station looks a more like a bus station right now. ac transit and other lines used to ferry people from the north concord station out to pittsburgh. on the other side a lot of cars. one person said many more people are driving here to pick up their loved ones coming back to the east bay after spending their work day in the city. the problems began this morning with what bart describes as a series of power surges that happened between pittsburgh and north concord. it affected some 24 cars. and with each power surge that means that that's one more car that's out of service. that means the buses get full, that means they had to bring in this bus bridge to ferry people from the two stations. and it was very very crowded. coming back tonight from the city, some people told me here at north concord that they packed onto the trains as best they could. but between the buses and the
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trains it felt frankly like they were sardines. >> i was on a really full bus this morning i was on a full bus. almost didn't make it on my first stop and would have had to extend the time to get there to take my test. that would have been stressful. >> there's no point in complaining or having tantrums or little hissy fits because it's not going to get you home any faster. and hopefully they'll get it fixed soon and we'll be on our way. at this point we just shut the section of track down so we can see what's going on. we can't afford to lose any more train cars. >> they don't know what's causing the power surge. that's probably the most maddening part for bart officials, they don't know if this is coming from pg&e or if the surge is coming from internal to bart's electrical system. now at the pittsburgh station it is closed to train travel right now. hour, they have been experimenting. they said one train they were able to get through this afternoon below 30 miles per hour. and no surge happened.
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strange as it may seem, that's what's going on. so they're going to continue this and see if they can slowly bring in service. now, the bus bridge, however, behind me, that's going to continue being operated until midnight when the last train heads over to pittsburgh. tomorrow morning for commuters, expect some delays. it will require your patience. it will require some advanced planning. the station between bay point and pittsburgh and north concord is not expected to be open for train travel. they are expecting to run the bus bridge once again. this is a similar problem, by the way, that bart experienced just two weeks ago between west oakland and a transbay tube when at that time some 80 cars were damaged from again another power surge. this is an ongoing problem for bart. it wants to get to the bottom of this. reporting live in north concord, chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> chuck, thank you. not guilty by reason of insanity. that's the plea tonight for army veteran robert vega who's
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accused of shooting and killing an off duty richmond police officer. officer gus vegas died after he intervened during a domestic dispute at his valleho home. officer vegas was a 15-year veteran of the force. he's been caught. the suspect that was wanted for crashing a stolen car into a 6-year-old boy and leaving the boy for dead is behind bars tonight. police tracked him down overnight thanks to tips from the public and also evidence left in the car. elyce kirchner joining us from vallejo. it's hard to imagine how anyone could hit anyone and keep going. >> reporter: i spoke with that little boy's grandfather late this afternoon. he called the suspect the lowest of the low for leaving that child badly injured in the streets. he also said the family is relieved the suspect is behind bars tonight. it took nine days to track down
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29-year-old daniel morris. authorities found him hiding at this motel in hayward. >> we at least have resolution to this point. we're talking nine days after this incident occurred we actually have someone in custody. >> reporter: police say morris hit a little boy on his way to school in castro valley. walking with his grandmother and 8-year-old big brother he stopped to bend down to look for worms. that's when driving a stolen car, authorities say morris veered off the road and injured the boy so badly that he had to have his lower left leg amputated from the knee down. morris took off on foot, leaving the child behind. >> there was a lot of information, a lot of evidence within the vehicle. plus eyewitness statements. >> reporter: authorities believe this surveillance video shows morris stealing the car involved in the crash just hours before the accident. from this ford dealership in livermore. you can see others in the video. in total stealing five cars off the lot. >> we are looking for the other suspect that may have been involved in that incident. >> reporter: while police look for the other suspects, morris
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is being charged with felony hit-and-run, vehicle theft and possession of stolen property. we've also learned the 29-year-old has a lengthy record dating back ten years, including drug possession, excessive speeding, driving with no insurance and parole violations. >> this strikes at the core of everybody no matter how long you've been a law enforcement officer. when a child is involved. >> reporter: we found out chp is also conducting a separate investigation into morris's friends and associates. they say they helped him elude police for the last nine days. as far as that little boy, he's still recovering tonight at a local hospital. reporting live from vallejo, elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. >> boy, a lot of people thinking of that little boy, elyce. new video and another reminder to watch what you leave in your car. take a look at this posted by sfpd hours ago. this burglar here breaks into this car with a rock, throws it right through the window there and takes off with the items including $4,000 worth of electronics. officers right now are looking
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for the burglar. it took four seconds to make off with the goods. more problems at cal on the verge of the ncaa tournament. the head basketball coach is now part of the ongoing sexual harassment case. the university is reviewing conzo martin's handling of the initial complaint which involves his former assistant ya yan huffnagle. a university says when a female reporter raised her allegations to conzo martin last year he ordered huffnagel to apologize. martin didn't report it to campus officials until weeks later when a reporter showed martin explicit text messages she said came from huffnagel. the school said it is reviewing martin's actions to dispel any doubts. some help could be on the way for vendors and artists who lost business bought of the super bowl. many street vendors on the embarcadero and justin herman plaza were displaced to make room for super bowl city. now supervisor aaron peskin
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would like to create a fund to help those services. he's asking the city for $100,000 for his idea. >> the first phase of this is putting $100,000 into the super bowl 50 impact fund, and giving that to compensate individuals who had valid city permits who were kicked to the curb. >> to qualify, street vendors would have to have the appropriate permits from the city. some brick and mortar businesses also said they lost cash because of all the traffic. so right now they would not be eligible for that fund. today i am nominating chief judge merrick brian garland to join the supreme court. >> the president makes his move. now congress takes its turn. we talk about the nominee's former check a stanford law professor to see if she thinks that he'll be confirmed. i'm michelle roberts in san jose where the sheriff has unveiled a new reform plan for the jail. coming up, here's the details.
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and good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff rainieri. warm across our east bay. microclimate 77 in pleasanton. sunny skies continuing right up against the san francisco coastline. we'll have a wave forecast for tomorrow and details on who hit close to 80 in just a few minutes.
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south bay.e breaking ws.a major about 5k pge custmers with
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we have some breaking news at this hour. a major power outage in the south bay. about 5,000 pg&e customers are without power at this time. this includes deanza college, a sizeable community college. they are now cancelling its classes tonight because of this power outage. we're told those classes will resume tomorrow. we'll continue to follow this story about this power outage throughout the evening. and things change after a series of missteps. today santa clara sheriff pitched a new plan for reforms at the troubled jail. critics already say it might not be enough. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is at the san jose -- in san jose at the jail. michelle tell us what is the plan? >> reporter: peg yes, it's comprehensive. there are 13 items on this list. the sheriff went one by one this afternoon to the county. and part of the plan is installing a public oversight committee. she's hoping that will build some trust with the public. >> it will have treatment areas for those with medical and mental health issues.
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>> reporter: sheriff lori smith is asking for county support to roll out widespread jail reform. today she publicly detailed her comprehensive plan that includes a system to track grievances submitted by inmates, and more thorough background checks for guards. >> we need to do a lot more training than we have been doing. >> reporter: three correctional officers are facing murder charges for the death of former inmate michael tyree. today paula canny, the lawyer representing the tyree family, calls the sheriff's plan a step in the right direction. >> and to be a guard dealing with mental ill people, with a high school diploma? that's crazy. >> reporter: today the sheriff is calling for new hires to have education beyond a high school diploma. in addition to increased training for everyone on the job. >> do michael tyree's sisters hope that sheriff smith will finally really do something meaningful to stop this? of course they hope that. of course they want reform. >> reporter: today some critics
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of the reform plans say not enough is being done to protect mentally ill inmates. >> someone needs to monitor these mentally ill people to make sure that they're being taken through the judicial process in a timely fashion. >> reporter: according to the reform plan, sheriff smith plans to address those concerns through education and by involving a public oversight committee. this afternoon a union representing the guards released a statement saying in part the sheriff must stop making knee jerk unilat lateral decisions and include us in the process. this is about investing in staffing and training for our members who put themselves in harm's way each day." as for the plan, still early stages, there's no idea about a budget or a timeline for when this will all happen. reporting live in san jose, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> all right, michelle, thanks you very much. a mystery at lake merced. today fire crews discovered a car that rolled down the lake's embankment but no one was inside. police say someone called 911 about 5:30 this morning after
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seeing the car roll over on the north side of the lake. the area is so steep that fire crews first released the department's canines to locate the car. it didn't take too long for the dog here to find it. firefighters headed down that embankment, found nobody inside the car. it's not yet known if the vehicle was stolen. up next we're going to talk about a lot of parents upset about a guest speaker with the checkered past. why was former 49er ray mcdonald invited to an east bay high school. >> without the parents's knowledge. president obama picking a supreme court nominee well-known in bay area law circles. do people know who merrick garland is? and do they think he'll get confirmed by congress? coming up. a northern californiaistillary
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is going where no other has gong happening now, a northern california distillery is going where no other has gone before. the owner's creating a cannabis infused vodka with the hope that customers will experience the effects of both at the same time. we've just posted this story at also forget the mug. one of the bay area's most popular coffee chains is doing coffee in a can. blue bottle is available on the go. we'll be right back.
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and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff rainieri with the latest check of your weather forecast. you'll be able to see at the beaches tomorrow we'll have sunny and mild weather. temperatures in the upper 60s to about 70.
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watch out for rough seas, waves 5 to 7 feet and also rip currents. so again a little bit of a hidden danger out there in the water. otherwise as we take you through your futurecast sunny skies expected as we head through tomorrow morning's forecast. not a cloud in the sky tomorrow as high pressure builds offshore. what we have happening is a new storm system eventually by this weekend that will line up on sunday. and it looks like it will help to cool temperatures down and possibly bring us .10 to .25 inch. full forecast in about 25 minutes. we have some breaking news. frank sinatra jr. has died. in a statement the family said frank sinatra jr. died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest. it happened today while he was on tour in florida. frank sinatra jr. worked with his father as his musical director. he too was a singer. frank sinatra jr. was 72 years old. fidelity to the constitution and the law has been the
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cornerstone of my professional life. >> an emotional moment for president obama's pick to fill t supreme court vacant seat. federal court judge merrick garland say the nomination is the honor of his life. senate republicans say the next president should make the selection for the high court. they've already vowed not to hold confirmation hearings. >> it is tempting to make this confirmation process simply an extension of our divided politics. the squabbling that's going on in the news every day. but to go down that path would be wrong. >> now, garland is a moderate with nearly two decades on the bench. as a prosecutor he oversaw the unibomber and oklahoma city bombing trials. garland grew up in the chicago area and was educated at harvard. but he has strong connections to the bay area.
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a stanford professor who used to be his law clerk describes to us her experience working with him. >> he has a reputation for being really meticulous and a really hard worker and -- >> reporter: nominated for the supreme court justice this morning, chief judge merrick garland is on top of the world. >> for me there could be no higher public service. >> reporter: and when you work for him you better be on top of your game. >> i knew the page number off the top of my head. so i said something like, judge, that's on page 1641. and his response was, but where on the page? >> reporter: stanford law professor nora freeman engstrom was one of his clerks in washington beginning in 2003. engstrom believes her mentor would make an extraordinary supreme court justice. >> to him it doesn't matter whether a case is front page news or will just really affect the life of one individual. he looks at those cases the same way and with the same great care and attention. >> reporter: but this is a
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political game. not everyone is on board. >> garland's history as we've looked at it over the last few hours includes a very anti-second amendment stance on a major ruling relating to gun rights. >> reporter: harmit dylan, chairwoman of the republican party in san francisco, says the gop has no intention to confirm garland. >> absolute red meat and red flag issue for republicans around the country. >> reporter: supporters say garland has decided more than 2700 cases in the past two decades, and you can't please everyone. >> it would really say something about the part tanship of our time if he cannot be confirmed or at least get an up and down vote in the senate. >> a lot to say here. local lawmakers are weighing in on the nominee. senator barbara boxer says she hopes republican senators will give garland the hearing and vote that he deserves. democratic leader nancy pelosi says judge garland has the experience and the legal acumen to serve on the highest court in the land. the american people expect judge
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merrick garland to be given a fair hearing and a timely vote. i'm marianne favro. this is oscar, a redwood city shelter is forced to move and is now looking for good homes for 250 cats. the story coming up. i'm jodi hernandez in hayward where an assembly feefing controversial football player ray mcdonald has parents outraged. i'll tell you what the school has to say coming up. from the courthous--o the
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parents and scol leads are upset after forme 49er r right now at 6:30, from the courthouse to the school assembly, parents and school leaders are upset after former 49er ray mcdonald was invited to speak at an east bay high school. the controversial football player has been arrested multiple times and is being tried in court for an alleged sexual assault. >> but ray mcdonald was a featured speaker at a recent school event. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live at hayward's tennyson high school where the district now, jodi, has issued an apology. >> reporter: that's right. the superintendent sent out an apology letter to parents today. he acknowledges that ray mcdonald's appearance may not have been the best choice. >> we're talking about our kids' education and their future. and we are really really upset. >> reporter: parents at hayward's tennyson high school say they just can't understand how anyone would think it's a wise idea to hold a school assembly featuring former 49er
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ray mcdonald. mcdonald, who has a history of alleged violence against women, is one of two athletes brought into the school last month to inspire kids to stay focused and self-disciplined. >> it's incredible. self-discipline. he doesn't even know how to handle his own life! a facebook page managed by the hayward unified school district posted photos of the event. they were the perfect voice to help students recognize the importance of attending school daily and staying on track, it says. >> how can you have someone like this be a role model that doesn't respect women? that just makes no sense. >> reporter: school board member you will wes reynozo calls the mcdonald assembly pure nonsense. he says the school board didn't know it was going to take place. he too wants answers. >> it's appalling. it shouldn't be happening. >> reporter: the district superintendent tells nbc bay area he didn't know about it, either. he says the event was organized by a separate federally funded dropout prevention program. in a statement, he apologized
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saying "his presence in our school may not have been appropriate for our students, even if the message that he shared was a positive one." i talked to somebody close to ray mcdonald late this afternoon. she says that he is disappointed by the negative response. she says that he's been doing a number of community events, and he thought he was doing something positive. reporting live in hayward, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. it's been a violent 24 hours in berkeley. police are investigating the city's second shooting. someone opened fire on a man and a woman sitting in a car near the ashby bart station. it happened around 1:00 this morning. a nearby homeowner told us the sound of at least five gunshots woke him up. he then spotted one of the victims. >> i mean, he had been shot. he managed to limp his way up to the house across the street and then lie down. but he was clearly not in good
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shape. >> both victims have been sent to a hospital in critical condition. yesterday a man was also shot about two miles away from this location. the suspect in that shooting surrendered to police this afternoon. however, today's gunman is still at large. police don't believe these cases are connected. well, crime in san francisco is up. and it's also down. the city's nuewly release crime report for 2015 is a mixed bag with one offense really on the rise, that would be car break-ins. thefts from vehicles soared 30% over 2014. property crimes were also up by about 17%. violent crime was flat or largely unchanged from 2014. gun violence, good news here, it was down by about 6%. happening right now, family and friends are gathering in fremont to remember sierra lamar. four years ago today the morgan hill teenager disappeared on her way to high school. her body was never found. not just tonight's event but
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also this saturday, volunteers will launch another search near uves reservoir. a dna evidence caused them to arrest this man for her kidnapping and murder. his trial is set to start next month. time is running out for more than 200 shelter cats after a rescue agency lost its building lease. now where will they go? nbc bay area's marianne favro, these cats are cute. they need homes. >> reporter: they certainly do. nine lives foundation needs to be out of this building in june. and already volunteers are scrambling to find a new location. but they're also trying to find homes for 250 cats. nine lives foundation is on its ninth life at this location in redwood city where it's helped rescue cats for the past eight years. the shelter lost its lease and must move out in june. leaving volunteers scrambling to find homes for the 250 cats
6:34 pm
here. including these six tiny kittens born just hours ago. and these cats with feline aids. the shelter made national news in january when it rescued smurf, the abandoned kitten. vets saying he had 25 bite marks on him and was likely used as bait for dog fights. he now has a good home he shares with his blind pal wanda adopted with him. last year shelter helped find homes for 1700 cats. >> it's no kill here. and dr. reddiger goes everywhere. sometimes when cats are being euthanized she goes and she'll rescue them. >> reporter: with a 1% vacancy rate for commercial property in redwood city and few landlords willing to allow animals, the shelter is struggling to find a suitable new home. >> financially it's dire. we're hoping that the public will come and adopt our cats and come to see what we have.
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we're hoping that we'll get the support to create a new shelter. i mean, nine lives has saved so many thousands of cats. now it's time to save nine lives. >> reporter: volunteers say even if they can't adopt out all 250 cats, they're hoping they'll at least be able to find enough foster homes to take care of those cats while they search for a new location. now, if you're interested in adopting a cat you can go to the nine lives foundation web site and check them out. and peggy, weren't those little kittens so adorable? >> i was just going to say the kittens are cute, too. nine lives foundation good to know. getting the word out. when you think of heart problems you don't often think of children. but a nonprofit in the trivalley is now offering free cardiac screenings for student athletes. they'll be held at pleasanton middle school on sunday. the tests are noninvasive and designed to detect heart conditions that a regular pediatric exam or physical just
6:36 pm
can't see. >> so when it happens to a community, when an athlete does die suddenly playing their sport, it is devastating. obviously to that athlete's family, but to an entire community. when you say is this anything that could have been done, yes, there is. >> parents still can sign up their children for the free cardiac screening. those who attend will also learn basic cpr and how to use an automated external defibrillator like this one which can save a life. brian boitano, christie yamaguchi? who could be the next bay area olympic skater champion. this teen represented team usa at the winter olympics in sochi edmonds said that experience made her a much better skater. >> just competing on such a huge stage with so many amazing
6:37 pm
skaters. and so i really learned how to feed off of their energy and just stay in the moment. and so these worlds are easier than the olympics i'd say. >> she's grown up right before our eyes. ed ed munds has another big life event to prepare for, college. she's already received some acceptance letters. the midi high school student isn't revealing which school she's picking but she wants to stay in the bay area. >> beautiful. feels incredible. we've been working on this for years and years. >> now it is ready to launch. an exclusive look at virtual reality and also thoughts about whether it will actually catch on. and it could be paying off. a major change could be coming to san francisco. that free nighttime street parking? might be coming to an end. we'll explain. getting smarter.===v==
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mar sam licrdo unveilehis mart cityplan san jose is on the road to getting smarter. mayor sam lacarto unveiling a smart city plan today. it focuses on using technology to reduce crime and help make the city more sustainable. he also wants to digitize the city as in the city services so that all forms and permit applications can be done online. >> we also hear plenty of complaints from folks who are just tired of sitting in line for two hours at city hall for getting a permit they could easily get online. >> the mayor says he hopes his plan will make san jose the most innovative big city on the planet. it's not what you want to hear but parking in san francisco could start costing you after dark. right now the san francisco municipal transportation agency is only discussing the idea. the proposal comes after the city lowered the fees for drivers who get their cars towed. charging for night meter parking
6:41 pm
is just one option to help out with the budget shortfall. only the meters in the city's busiest areas would get charged at night. the decision would likely not be made until next month. the bay area is again getting top marks when it comes to health. the annual list of healthiest counties in california was released today. and coming in at number one, marin. this is a seventh straight year that marin has been named the healthiest. so many beautiful places to hike there it makes sense. the rankings include quality of life such as outdoor environments and also access to health care. coming in number two and three on the list, that would be san mateo and santa clara counties. very nice. >> jeff rainieri is with us. >> i was telling you earlier i was having lunch today on the peninsula and there were people playing polo. >> very nice. >> you were in a good spot. >> not me. i was just watching. >> that sounds like the place to be, raj. no matter if you're playing polo or kind of walking the dogs around today we had beautiful weather all across the bay area. live look at our emeryville camera pointed towards san
6:42 pm
francisco. a little bit windy but it's all about the heat. we'll talk about how much warmer tomorrow and our next chance of rain in a few minutes. i'm scott budman. facebook thought it was worth billions of dollars. coming up we go one-on-one with the head of oculus to talk virtual reality and yet might take awhile to catch on. we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather,
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and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. but it com with a higprice,
6:44 pm
and a lot questions remember this. it's supposed to be the next big thing in high tech, but it comes with a high price and a lot of questions. >> we're talking about virtual reality. it's ready to launch and also ready to sell. our business and tech reporter scott budman got an exclusive interview with the founder of oculus. so can you get these things yet, scott? >> reporter: very soon, peggy. in a couple of weeks the oculus rift headset will start delivery. and we'll get a chance to see a virtual reality which has been around for awhile is finally ready for primetime. the virtual war is here. >> hello, san francisco. >> reporter: companies climbing into the newest wave of gaming
6:45 pm
led by oculus. >> our goal is to allow anyone to experience anything anywhere no matter who they are. >> reporter: and sony, each making virtual reality systems to transport you somewhere else. >> feels incredible. we've been working on this for years and years. >> reporter: oculus founder palmer lucky talked exclusively with us about how his company, bought by facebook for $2 billion, will change the world eventually. >> well, the goal of virtual reality is to replicate reality as closely as possible. right now it's not perfect so of course there is some kind of learning curve. >> reporter: by not perfect he means expensive. a $600 price tag not counting the powerful fairly new computer you'll also need. it's not yet mac compatible. and there's competition. sony's vr headset retails for $400. competition which is good for gamers and eventually travelers
6:46 pm
and movie fans. >> once you see that somebody has done something, you no longer have to have the idea out of a billion possibles. this is the one that works. you can see it working and say, i got to figure out how to do that. >> reporter: it will take some getting used to, but it's coming. >> it is not going to be a mass market thing overnight. it's going to take a few years. >> reporter: deliveries of the oculus headset begin march 28th. the company says it's already back ordered. sony's playstation vr headset will launch in october of this year. back to you. >> scott, it's a big deal. thank you for that update. an unusual rescue. take a look at the south bay this morning. this is video of firefighters rescues an injured tree trimmer in cupertino. the high wire act. crews rushed in on orata way. they used that ladder there to get the worker safely down from the palm tree. job well done. >> that is, right. good to hear that. right now we want to check in with chief meteorologist jeff rainieri. we've been talking about all
6:47 pm
this rain we've had. this has been a nice break. >> it definitely has. we still have rainfall coming on that scrolling seven-day forecast that you'll be able to see by this weekend. so you can enjoy this sunshine and then we'll get a little bit more here for the groundwater storage as we head into sunday, monday and tuesday. right now on the skyc camera network it is the time of sunsets right now. let's check it out here. weather underground woodside camera sun setting. 70 degrees. this is happening here in berkeley. 68 average for the east bay. but berkeley coming in a little bit warmer with 69. and check it out at the golden gate bridge right back behind there with the sun shining bright. you need the sunglasses for the next 15 to 30 minutes if you're down doing any commuting and also another beautiful shot up into the north bay. mount tamalpais looking golden tonight at 66 degrees. let's take you into the forecast for tomorrow. we will start off with those clear skies. nothing in terms of any kind of issues at least for the morning commute. it will be chilly to start with.
6:48 pm
48 in the south bay and 46 for the east bay. but not expecting anything in terms of thick fog. san francisco with 52. so as we bring you into the futurecast you'll be able to see sunny skies for tomorrow morning right through the afternoon. not a cloud in view. we have high pressure offshore and that's helping to bring the heat across the bay area. there are some storms out here but they're just pushing right up across the ridge well into canada. so with this area of high pressure offshore, what's that going to mean for our temperatures? it's going to get warm here in san jose but it looks like it will top out tomorrow with 78 degrees. 74 on friday. you can see the trend. by sunday 69 into next monday 65 degrees. we get this cooling coming your way as we'll have a storm system bringing us the possibility of rainfall. so up until sunday and monday, the only issue we see in the forecast is the pollen. everything certainly looks beautiful out here. but it is blooming. moderate to high levels of alder, juniper and ash. you want to watch out for if you
6:49 pm
suffer from allergies. microclimate forecast for thursday the district 70 degrees. marina little bay breeze moving our way with 67 degrees. for the peninsula 71 in san mateo. pacifica 68 with rough waves you want to watch out for. throughout the south bay, san jose 78 degrees. and that is right. cupertino close to 80 tomorrow. enjoy it. north bay, east bay and trivalley also a mix here of upper 70s in napa, santa rosa and mitt valll valley. oakland at 74 trivalley warmest temperature in danville 79 degrees. high pressure through saturday then we get an approaching system by sunday afternoon for a few showers. that will keep the chance here of scattered rainfall even into next monday and tuesday. not a big system but enough to get it wet here across the bay area. you can see early totals right now as we leave you tonight will be anywhere from .10 to .45
6:50 pm
inch. hopefully april will still bring us above average rain. we'll have to see what the outlook brings on that in the next couple of days. >> did he say almost 80 degrees in cupertino? >> i'll take it! >> i know. >> thanks, jeff. up next, the rookie sensation for the new york knicks did his best steph curry impression at practice. we'll tell you what curry has to say about it. jim kozimor joins us next. action.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
warriors hosthe knicks night .... good evening. i'm jim kozimor at the xfinity sports desk. time to get ready for hot nba action. warriors hosting the new york
6:53 pm
knicks tonight one of the bright spots on an otherwise dismal season for new york has been the play of their rookie kristaps porzingis. in the next practice at oracle tuesday, porzingis decided to give the hallway shot a try. that's something that steph curry does before every single warriors home game as part of his warm up routine. the result is a swish. get a load of that. what do you think steph thought of this? >> dude, i wasn't very impressed. only because he's 7'3"? he's got a longer wing span. so my shot's always farther than that. where the release point is, right? >> absolutely. >> he made it on his first attempt. >> that's impressive, though. that's pretty good. >> the ever charming and playful steph curry. now onto football. the 49ers own the number 7 overall pick in the upcoming nfl draft. and while many in the bay area are crossing their fingers that san francisco selects cal quarterback jared goff, it seems the team is exploring other options under center.
6:54 pm
the 49ers reportedly one of three teams to meet with michigan state quarterback connor cook in his pro day wednesday. cook was a three-year starter for the spartans finishing his career with 71 touchdowns and over 9,000 passing yards. in other football news, the raiders have re-signed left tackle donald penn to a two-year deal worth $14 million, 7 million guaranteed. the 32-year-old hit the open market upon the start of free agency and drew interest from seattle and the new york football giants but ultimately decided to stay with oakland. over to the diamond we go for the giants pitcher johnny cueto passed all concussions tests after being hit in the head by a line drive. what a scary sight that is. cueto went as far as to remove his cap wednesday morning to show reporters that the nasty bump on his forehead has completely disappeared. >> giants baseball they played against the seattle mariners top of the third. angel pagan started left, drives it deep to center off iwokuma. two runs scored pagan. good day for him. he was out in third by the way.
6:55 pm
three for three on the day. giants up 4-1. jeff samardzija on the hill. robinson cano hits it deep center. goes off denard span in his glochlt he falls and lands on his already sore shoulder. he's in pain. giants cut his day short. bottom of the fourth shawn o'malley hit the solo shot to right. the shark gave up three homers allowing seven runs, eight hits. four innings pitched. giants lose 9-6. warriors going for their 50th straight win at oracle tonight against the knicks. tipoff 7:30 csn bay area. that will do it for sports. peggy and raj, busy busy day over here. >> shall we let everyone know jim's middle name? >> do tell. >> kristaps. jim kristaps kozimor. >> very true. little known but now we know it. >> there we go. >> nice job with the three-pointers. >> thanks, koz. >> i'm not 7'3" though. >> thanks a lot, jim. tonight at 11:00, still no sign of sierra lamar as we
6:56 pm
mentioned earlier in this newscast four years after she vanished from her neighborhood. the gathering this evening to mark the somber mailestone and what's next for the man behind bars in connection with her disappearance. that's tonight on our 11:00 newscast. it's one of those miracle stories you just can't believe. a german shepherd lost at sea being reunited with his owner. luna today fell off a fishing boat in san clemente island in southern california last month. nick hayward says she vanished into the water. he thought she was dead. five weeks later navy officials spotted luna on an island sitting nth next to a road. they say she was a bit malnourished but otherwise okay. >> a beautiful dog. >> isn't she gorgeous? >> if dogs could talk. >> look at her eyes. oh, the mom and dad soaking it up as well. >> great reunion. that's amazing. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> we'll see you at 11:00.
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taylor swift in a bikini on a trampoline and making out with her man. her pda-packed escape with calvin harris, now on "extra." ♪ ♪ the world's highest paid celebrity couple, taylor swift and calvin harris' sexy snapshots. >> are you watching? >> yeah. >> is the queen of the break-up anthem ready to take this relationship next level? more breaking couples news, mariah carey reportedly getting married on this private island. >> will it be a made for e wedding on her new show? and ben affleck's first tv


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